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All Purpose Shortening

for cakes, cookies, dough and pastry

Donut Fry Shortening

for donuts and frying applications

Premium Donut Fry Shortening

frying with high heat stability, natural resistance to oxidization


Cake & Icing Shortening

designed for tortillas, cakes and icing

High Ratio Cake & Icing

premium emulsified to support baked goods with higher ratios of liquid and sugar


Organic All Purpose Shortening

for cakes, cookies, dough and pastry


Olera GOLD® Palm Shortening

100% certified Sustainable, multi use, excellent for frying


HP Flake 57

Bakery Mixes, Pizza Dough & Biscuits

Sustainable Options

Certified Sustainable Options


Conditioning, Stabilizing, Crystallizing



Baking, Laminating & Puff Pastry

Bulk Products

Bulk Shortenings & Oils

Refined Palm Oil

food manufacture, frying and soap

2 in 1 Shortening

Cakes, Cookies, Donuts, Frying

Custom Formulations

Olera Custom Formulation

Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability is the balance between the environment, social equity and economic demands.

Olera promotes the development of sustainable palm oil production by offering shortenings and oils certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).This non-profit organization is working towards making sustainable palm oil the norm by creating credible global standards and a framework to implement these standards throughout the supply chain.

Certified Sustainable options are available for all applications.

Olera Applications

Olera Gold All Purpose Donut Fry Premium DF Cake & Icing High Ratio Cake & Icing HPS HP FLAKE 57 Refined Palm Oil
Dough & Pastry   
Cakes and Cake Icing
Cookies, Biscuits
Donuts & Frying
Cream Filling
Tortillas & Flatbread
Pizza & Dough
Nut Butters & Coatings
Soap Making

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